Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I love Mondays!  Monday is my favorite day of the week.   People get super annoyed when I say it but I love how every Monday is a fresh start.

Today was full of lots of love.

Bright and early this morning I taught my fitness class. My participants were so sweet and let me post their picture on Facebook to advertise the class.  I love how they are color coordinated that was totally not planned!

Then for lunch I met four friends and we had abrainstorming   session for fundraising events for our local boys and girls club.  We put all of our ideas on the giant post it notes behind us in the picture.   I love planning events so it was fun to work with these ladies.  We came up with some good ideas and are going to meet again soon to start planning!

I got home from work and decorated our dining room hutch for Valentines Day.
I love pink so it's always fun to decorate for this holiday!

I also decorated our dining room chalkboard.  I still have some of our Christmas cards up.  It makes me so sad to take them down :-( 

When the kids were little I put sweet treats in these little mailboxes in the days leading up to Valentine's Day.  I still love them.  

Tonight I had book club we read The Lake House.  I loved this book!

I buy books the way some people buy shoes or purses I just love, love, love books!  I prefer  reading nonfiction.  Next month I'm hosting so I brought two books to see if the girls wanted to read either of these books.  I think both of these are great but we decided they aren't great for book club so I have to choose another one this week.