Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February {Happy Things}

It's time for this month's installment of my happy things.  Almost every day I write down something happy that happened that day.  I love remembering special little moments in my day and the simple  practice of  writing one thing down a day has really helped be thankful and filled with gratitude.  You can find January's post here and the HUGE post I did at the end of 2016 here.

1-Book club talked about one of my favorite books this year-A Man Called Ove 
3-Ava scored 3 3 pointers at her game! 
4-Cooperstown with Donna and Inez
4-Lisa's birthday party wa
5-Super Bowl party at our friends T and T's house 
6-Garden  Club meeting lots of planning for future events 
10-Awesome student leadership conference at work!  
11-Great Saturday work out at bootcamp and date night with G and friends 
12-SNOW DAY!!  We went sledding and had a great day with our neighbors outside
14-my Dad's 70th birthday!  Dinner at home with G and the girls for Valentine's Day!
15-I hosted Bunco at my house 
17-craft night!  We made burlap state canvases
18-Shopping trip to Bing with Ava
21-a quiet dinner at home with G
22-girls night at the Bside 
23-good run outside in warm (for February!) weather 
24-Ava scored 21 points at her game!  
25-Fun craft Day with friends and hot tub night with the girls!
26-Oscar Party 
27-Got lots checked off my to do list today!
28-Made a krispie king cake and will celebrate Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras with the family tonight!

February FLEW by!!  It was a great month minus the few days that I was sick with an awful cold.  In March we will celebrate Ava's 15th birthday, Brock and I will spend a week in Florida with my Dad and sister, I will spend a weekend in Florida with some dear gal pals, and I have two big conferences at work.  It's going to be a BUSY month!

28-Mardi Gras breakfast with family