Thursday, February 23, 2017

Life lately

This week is winter break.   Ava still has basketball and G and I are working so sadly we couldn't go anywhere this year :-(

Ava and her team have been practicing all week because they have a big game tomorrow night. 



I've been doing an 8 week fitness/healthy eating challenge with my dear friend Jenn through the Y.  Tomorrow is the last day.  I've lost 9 lbs!  We have learned so much and are going to keep up our healthy habits after the challenge because we'd both like to lose more weight.  


I am on the planning committee for a fundraiser for our Boys and Girls club.  The event is next Saturday!  It's going to be so beautiful.   I cost wait!

Our exchange student Anne is in Costa Rica for the week. We can't wait until she gets back.  Before she left she decorated an ice cream cake for Ava.


I'm still working on our tree scrapbook. I was going through my pictures yesterday and found this one. It's amazing to me that they were able to get it out of our back yard!

Last night I went  some girlfriends to celebrate national margarita day!  We had dinner and of course margaritas. It was so fun!  



I hope you've enjoyed a peak at our life lately.