Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Crafty Wednesday {monogram plates}

Anyone who knows me knows I love monograms.  I have them all over our house and my friend just got a sewing machine that monograms and she has monogrammed a few pairs of yoga pants and headbands for me.  Sadly neither one of my children have inherited my love of monograms *sigh*

I had an empty place on the top of the hutch in our dining room so o decided to make a monogram plates.

I think it adds a touch of Valentine's Day in our  dining room.  

The plate I monogrammed is one of our everyday dishes from the IKEA Fragrik collection. We love these dishes and I got Brock a set before he moved to Arizona. I monogrammed one of the smaller salad plates from our set.    


I used my silhoutte portrait vinyl machine to cut the monogram.  I got this as a Christmas present a few years ago and it is so handy.  I use it for cutting all sorts of things for craft projects.


When the vinyl comes out of the machine you peel the vinyl away from the monogram (or whatever you are cutting) with your fingers.


For the tiny pieces I use this small hook tool.  I think it really helps get out the teeny tiny pieces of vinyl between  and in the letters.

Then you use transfer paper to adhere your vinyl on to your surface ( I didn't take a picture of this part).   The tricky part is making sure that it's centered.

Here is the finished product!  Oh and once Valentine's Day is over I will peel this monogram off so we can use the plate for eating:)

Happy Wednesday!