Thursday, February 23, 2017

Craft night {burlap states}

Friday night Rachael and I had our monthly craft night.  This month we made adorable burlap states and they turned out so cute!  They were easy to make and it was a great craft night.

Here is the room before people came.  Since we live in NY most people wanted to make a New York. One lady did Massachusetts since  she is from there.  We used the silhoutte to make vinyl cut outs of each state.  We stuck the states on the burlap and then traced around them in chalk.


We had lots of paints and brushes so people could get crafty and creative with their states.    Since I'm from Illinois I made that as a sample for the class. 


Everyone worked hard on their projects.  


Here are the finished projects.  It was a great night! 


Next month we will be making terrariums :-)