Tuesday, April 4, 2017

March Book review

It's my March book review!  This month I was able to read 6 books and they were all so different.  I love reading and I happy I was able to finish 6 books this month.  Honestly there are SO many good ones that I want to read!

I read two novels, one cookbook and the last three were about things I love-organizing, plants and flowers!

My favorite book this month was We Were The Lucky Ones.  This book is my favorite book so far for 2017 and I keep thinking about the characters in the book.  This book is about a Jewish family that lived in Poland.  The main characters are the parents, their adult children and their spouses.significant others.  The book takes place during World War II.   There are so many twists and turns in this book and I love the fact that this book is based on real people and events.   I have recommended this book to so many friends since I have finished reading it.

The other novel I read this month was The Good Girl.  I chose this book for my bookclub last month and I finished it in Florida in early March. It was very suspenseful!  It was a page turner and it was a quick read. If you like mysteries you will love this book.  

Last spring my friend Sabrina and I went to the Country Living Fair.   While we were there we went to a session on Terrariums.  The speaker of that session was the author of this book
Terrariums:  Gardens Under Glass   I got this book because I love creating terrariums.  We did a craft class on Terrariums earlier this month for Branch and Bloom and this book gave us lots of good tips and tricks for the class.  I refer to this book all the time when I'm working with terrariums.

I adore the book Winter Cocktails.  There are so many good recipes and tips for creating the perfect cocktail.  I use this book all the time for parties.  I used the recipe in this book to make a sour mix for my amaretto sours for Bunco and I used the Bloody Mary mix recipe for a craft day I had with some Moms from Ava's basketball team.

Simply Clean is a  brand new book all about organization and cleaning.  As soon as I heard it was coming out I ordered it.  The author is a blogger at CleanMama.net  and she has so many tips and tricks for keeping your house clean.  Her blog is amazing and there is a mountain of information in this book about keeping your house clean and organized.    If you are busy like me then this book is a must read!

I love creating flower arrangements so I got the book The Flower Chef to learn more about arranging flowers.  This book has 85 flower arrangement recipes.  I learned so much more about flower arranging by reading this book and I want to create the beautiful flower recipes that she highlights in the book.  Each year my friends Rachael, Ashley  and I compete in Art in Bloom which is a flower arranging competition in our town. We love doing it each year and  it's so fun to see the creativity of the different designers.  This book includes beautiful pictures and so many tips for flower arrangements.  I know that I will refer back to it often.

That wraps up my March book review!  What did you read last month?  I am always looking for new books to read.