Thursday, March 2, 2017

February Bunco!

February FLEW by!!  I had this post in my drafts and I though I would finally share it today.  I an in a bunco group and each month we take a turn hosting the bunco party.  February was my month and I did a valentine theme.

Here is the little bar set up in our kitchen.  When we have parties I always set the bar up on our stove. It just seems to work.  I always make everyone's first drink and then they can help themselves after that.

I got this new book about winter cocktails and I am in love.  There are so many good recipes and ideas in this book. For Bunco I made the sweet and sour mix recipe that was in the book.  It was delicious.  I used it to make margaritas and amaretto sours.  Both were amazing and my friends loved them!!


Here is a close up of the homemade sour mix. I the juice and zest from 10 limes and 5 lemons to make the mix.

I also finally got to use my Lilly juicer too which was fun! :)


I put the snacks on a little table in our living room.  I kept the snacks to a minimum because EVERYONE was on a diet in February-ha ha!

Each month we take a Bunco picture. So here is our Feb. pic :)

I love getting together with these girls every month!