Thursday, March 30, 2017

Life lately

Holy cow this week has flown by!!! I can't believe it's Thursday already!   We have some fun plans for the weekend so I'm pumped about that ❤

Here are some pics of our life lately......

Last Wednesday our exchange student did a presentation on  home country to our Rotary Club.  She also made Danish cookies.  She did a great job!  Ava went to the presentation too because next year when she's in Czech she'll do a presentation on the US.


I love this air plant I got at the Philadelphia flower show.  It's  doing so well in it's little pot in our dining room.


We keep plugging away to get our house ready for baseball tenants.  This is our sunroom.  This is my favorite and least used room in our whole house.  During the summer it will be the Rockerfeller room and it will have a big print of the tree and a couple of scrapbooks filled with pictures of the tree.  
I need to start working on those 😬


Three former students surprised me last weekend at the leadership conference.  They were in town visiting and stopped in to see me at work.  It was great to see them! 


This weekend Brock is going to buy a car in Arizona.  He has been using a bike since he got there but he feels like he needs a car so this weekend he is going to buy one.  He doesn't have a huge budget and he has been researching what would be best for him. I love this picture of him from Chef Mickeys ❤. We still kiss him like crazy but he lives Arizona and I'm happy that he's happy there :-) 


I've been trying to slow down lately, I feel like we are constantly running around. I love this quote and try to remember it when I'm being pulled in 10000 directions all at once :-)


That's a peek at our life lately.  Happy Thursday!