Sunday, March 12, 2017

Florida {Day 8}

Today was my last day in Florida :-(.  I got up early to read my book on the beach.  It was a beautiful morning and I loved being outside.

We said goodbye to our beautiful St. Petersburg resort-The Thunderbird.  It  was a great beach motel.  Everyone was super friendly and it was beautiful and so close to the beach.  I'd love to stay there again.  



Melany took us on a tour of her neighborhood and we went to a couple of cute stores.  I loved the local  grocery store we went to.  They had the best flowers!  I wanted to take some home with me.   


We went to the sundial in downtown St. Petersburg and parked and walked around and then went to lunch.


We had lunch at a cute little bistro on the water.  I had a wedge salad and it was delicious.


After lunch we took one last picture and then we hugged goodbye.


Sara drove me to the airport in Orlando for my flight home.  I enjoyed my week in Florida so much!