Friday, March 10, 2017

Disney Day 5 {Animal Kingdom}

We spent our last full day at Disney at Animal Kingdom.  

Since we stayed out so  late the night before we slept in a little bit in the morning.   On this trip I shared a bed with my sister Shelby.  Brock and Ainsley decided they wanted to snuggle with us in our bed. It was a tight squeeze :-)

Brock and I love this park so much!   I'm so glad we had a day to explore it.


 Our first stop was a fast pass for Dinosour.  Dinosaur is always a fun ride!


We rode Kali River Rapids and then went to the bird show before heading to lunch at Flame Tree barbecue.



After the bird show we headed to our safari fast pass.  This is Brock's  favorite ride in all of Disney.  I love that at 19 he still loves this ride.  Here's our crew before our safari ride.


There are so many animals to see on the safari. We were in the very back row of the jeep so I was able to get a lot of pictures during our ride.  







After the safari we all split up to do one last thing at AnimalKingdom  before getting to the Grand Floridian for our dinner reservation.

Brock and I went on the gorilla falls exploration trail to see the gorillas. Disney does everything so well and this was no different.  The walk was beautiful.  It was amazing to see these beautiful animals up close.  



After the walk I took a quick picture at the Tree of Life and then we headed to the bus for our dinner with Cinderella st the Grand Floridian.

It was a fabulous last day at Disney.