Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snow Days

Over the past two days we got the biggest snow storm we have had in years.  We ended up getting 30 inches of snow!   We were snowed in Tuesday and half of yesterday.  I spent a lot of time these last few days reading and watching Netflix. 


I took these pictures from our back door so you can see how the snow just piled up on Tuesday.  

Ava, Anne and I walked  around the block just to get out of the house in Tuesday.  The snow was so deep!  




We had to turn around after walking 1/2 the block because the snow was up past our knees. Here's our neighbors house where we turned around.  Her poor car is buried!


The snow banks in front of our house were huge.  The girls had a good time falling in them.


Here's our house and G's  truck covered in snow.


G went out a few times Tuesday to keep up with the snow blowing.


It was so fun to be snowed in!  Tuesday night for dinner I made chicken pot pie and we just hung out at home. 


By yesterday at noon we were able to get out of the house.  G went to work and the girls and I met some friends for lunch. I also went outside and took a few more pictures of the snow.

It's crazy to me how the snow almost covers our picket fence!  


This is in our living room.  See how high the snow is up on the window! 


Things are pretty much back to normal today.  I am praying this is the last of the snow for us!