Monday, March 20, 2017


Yesterday our Ava turned 15! She brings so much joy and  love to our family and I'm thrilled we had a day to celebrate her.


This weekend was full of activities so we celebrated with a quick trip to the new Five Guys that opened up in our town.  Ava loved it!


All day Saturday and half of Sunday Ava had an overnight retreat to get ready for her Rotary youth exchange.  She had to introduce herself and give a greeting in Czech during the retreat.  She practiced so much and I was thrilled when she texted us to let us know that she did her introduction in front of the whole group.


Ava also had  two basketball practices yesterday afternoon and evening.  Her afternoon practice was for AAU and her evening practice was for an  all section game that she'll be playing in this week.  


We love our girl so much and I can't believe she's 15!