Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Favorites

Today I am linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea to share my Friday favorites.  I am  happy it's Friday!  This is a weekend full of fun!  Tonight I have a happy hour at a friend's house to see her new kitchen, tomorrow we have a fundraiser for the YMCA, Sunday I'm doing a walk to support SADD at Ava's school and then I have a fundraiser for Hospice.  It's going to be a GREAT weekend!

My friend Sabrina came over last night and helped me make this succulent bracelet that I'm going to wear this weekend to the Y event and to the Hospice event.  I went to a class at the Philadelphia flower show on living jewelry and I wanted to try to make one.  After the events I can take the succulents off the bracelet and plant them in a pot and they'll grow!  I love how it turned out.  


Tonight I'm going to my friend Jenn's and I'm going to make a pitcher of mojitos to bring using some mint from my little mint plant. 

I bought this book from Amazon and it's amazing!  So many healthy recipes in this book,  Last night we had I made potatoes and green beans on a sheet pan and they were so good.  



I am in love with this book.  There is nothing I love more than beautiful fresh cut flowers.  I got this book on Amazon this week and I can't wait to read it cover to cover.  

I hope you have a fabulous weekend full of family, friends, and fun.



Laura Darling said...

I've been obsessed with sheet pan recipes recently so I think I need to get this cookbook!