Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Craft Wednesday {DIY succulent planters}

Last week I put together two little succulent arrangements for friends.   I think it's always fun to give plants as gifts.  I bought the little succulents at the grocery store. 

I put both pots together the same way. I used two containers that I already had at home.  For one arrangement I used an wooden basket that had a liner and I used a hypertufa planter for the other one. 

For drainage I added rocks to the bottom of the containers.

The plant was pretty rootbound from being in that tiny pot so I used my fingers to break up the soil.


Then I arranged the plants where I thought they looked best in the pot.


I patted the soil down with my fingers and then added a layer of rocks on top to finish it off. 


For the hypertufa one I used the same method.


These were two fun little projects to work on.  My friends loved them!