Saturday, March 11, 2017

Disney After Dark

Thursday night my sister and her family, Brock and I went to Disney After Hours at the Magic Kingdom. Disney After Hours is a three hour event event where we guests can ride  25 rides and attractions with little to no wait.  Also popcorn, ice cream and Coke products were included in our admission price. 

With our passes we could get into the park at 4pm.  We went at about 6:30pm and we were able to ride Pirates and Pooh before getting a funnel cake and finding a good spot to watch Wishes.


Brock and I had he best night!  We were able to do all of our favorite rides multiple times.  

We rode
-Space Mountain
-Big Thunder Mountain
-Splash Mountain
-Mine Train
-Haunted Mansion
-Peter Pan

We did Space Mountain, Big Thunder and Splash Mountain and then we we met up with my sister and her family and spent the rest of the night with him.

My sister Shelby and Ainsley on Mine Train 


Popcorn, ice cream and Coca Cola products were included in our admission so we also ate a ton of treats during the event. My favorite was the Mickey ice cream bar.

It was great to be be in the park "alone" and to be able to do so many rides and it was our very last night at Disney so that made it extra special.

Right before we left we took some pictures in front  by the castle.  The castle looks so beautiful at night.



Me and our boy ❤. I still can't believe he's all grown up.


I had  spending time with my sister and her family this week.  I love them so much and it was wonderful to have a week with them.



Until next time Disney!