Monday, March 27, 2017

Our weekend

We had a jam packed weekend full of fun!  I would love to have another day to recover and get stuff done around the house but I'm headed back to work today. 

Friday and Saturday I organized a leadership conference at work for students.  We had guest speakers, community leaders and alumni come and lead presentations for students.  It took a team of people and months of planning but it was so worth it!  
Friday night I went to a going away party for my friend D.  I'm so sad she's moving away but I'm happy that we got to say goodbye and she's only moving two hours away so I know we will stay in touch. 
Saturday night G and I went to his end of the year referee banquet which is always fun!

Sunday morning Ava, Anne and I went to the Farmers Museum with our friends Sabrina and Eliza for a fun pancake breakfast.  After breakfast we walked around and saw how maple syrup is made and we saw the animals in the barnyard.  It was so fun! 
Sunday after I got together with my friend V to do another cooking adventure.  We have made spanakopita and eggplant parm and this time we made homemade pasta noodles. It took a long time but the pasta was SO good.  I'm going to make another batch this week because Ava and Anne want to try making it. 
That was our weekend!