Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Out weekend

This weekend we moved into our new house!   Since we got back from DC we have been moving stuff over slowly and Saturday and all day Sunday we unpacked and got settled in to our new place. I would say we are about 75% settled.  

I love our new sunroom.  I brought over our blanket chest and made a little seating area.  We are finding out our new house is SMALL.  So this piece is good because it serves two functions-storage and seating.


Friday night Ava's two best friends surprised her and took her to a Chainsmokers concert to celebrate her birthday.  Her friends talked to me about this a few months ago so I made sure we didn't have any plans so she could go.  She was SO surprised and had a great time! 



Saturday my friend Rachael hosted an open house at her family's organic grocery store.  She made canvas bags to sell.  I bought this one.  I love it!!



She also had these cute cookies made because it was Earth Day :-)


We had a table at her Open House to advertise our summer craft classes.


Saturday night we went out to dinner to celebrate my friend T's birthday!  So fun!!


Sunday we unpacked all day and then at night for a little treat we went out for ice cream with Sabrina and Eliza.


I hope to post pics of our finished rental house soon.