Thursday, May 25, 2017

Home Tour Tuesday {Sunroom-new house}

Well I was supposed to post this on Tuesday but it's been a crazy week!  I am still recovering from our super fun Farm Retreat  and this week has been all kinds of nuts!  I'm so glad it's Thursday and I'm thrilled that we have a three day weekend coming up. It's going to great!

Our sunroom is my favorite room in our new house.  I just love it!  So I wanted to show you that room first :)  We eat most of our meals out in this room and I love sitting out here to read books.  We haven't gotten new furniture for this room and honestly I doubt we will get any this year but in a few years I would love to get a new table and maybe an outdoor sectional or chairs for this space.

Here is a picture of the whole room.  We have a table, my blanket bench for extra seating and a small buffet table that I use to hold food at parties.

My MIL gave us the table and chairs and they are quite comfortable which is good because were going to keep them for a while.  I got the bromeliad in the spring and because our sunroom is nice and shady he's very happy living on our table :)


This is the door that goes out to our garage.  I got the boxwood wreath at Target years ago.  
This is our side table that I use as a buffet table when I need extra space for food for meals and parties.  It has worked out well for us so far.  At our other house I use this table as a desk in our living room.
I have two plants on this table-lemon balm and a fern.  They are both doing well and growing like crazy.  I like to use the lemon balm when I make lemonade.  
This is our blanket chest and I've had it for years.  My Dad got it for me one year for Christmas.  I added pillows to the top (from Walmart)  and we use this little area as extra seating when we have people over.  
The only thing I have hanging up so far is  this sign I made last month.  

 I had my girlfriends over for brunch a few weeks ago. They all loved sitting in my sunroom.  I hope to have many more parties in our sunroom this summer!

Happy Thursday!!