Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Happy Things {April}

April FLEW by for us!   I wanted to slow down and be more intentional about it but that didn't happen this month.  Between organizing and cleaning our house to move to our summer house and all the events I had  I can't believe it's already May.  May is absolutely my favorite month of the year but this year April was pretty good too.  Every day I write down one happy thing that happened during the day and then and then end of every month I do a blog post so I can remember little happy things that happen throughout the month.  Instead of doing monthly posts I did one HUGE post in 2016.  You can read it here.

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1-YMCA fundraiser!  So many friends and fun times.  
2-Hospice Epicurean Festival
3-Greek Week begins!
4-FULL lunch time class at the Y!!  
5-Ice cream date with Ava
6-Quiet night at home with the fam
7-Happy hour with friends 
8-Dinner and went to see the play High School musical with friends
9-Easter Egg dyeing 
10-Garden Club meeting
11-dinner at 5 guys and ice cream with the fam
12-Monthly Bunco night
13-awesome yoga class 
14-packed up stuff to move to the new house 
15-Worked at new house and had our first dinner there as a family.  
16-Easter church followed by brunch at Rachael's followed by leaving for DC
17-DC-visited the White House, monuments and National Zoo
18-DC-toured the Capital and Botonic Gardens
19-Good to be home after a whirl-wind trip to DC
20-This is a sad one :(  Anne left our house to go live with her new family
21-Ava's friends surprised her and took her to the Chainsmokers concert for her birthday.  
22-Earth Day!  Helped Rachael with her Open House at the Green Earth.  Dinner out to celebrate T's bday.  
23-Unpacked and moved into our new summer house.  
24-Book club we read an awesome book this month-Milk and Honey 
25-Taco Tuesday night!  Always fun!  
26-End of year awards dinner for work.  
27-Dinner out with friends!  And a ride 
28-Dinner at Table on Ten to celebrate Jenn's birthday
29-Ava's first game of her AAU season!
30-Paint and Sip Brunch at our new house