Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baseball, Baseball and more Baseball!!

I haven't written in over a week. Our life this past week can be summed up in two words: Baseball Games. Brock has played a game almost every night (all day on Saturday and Sunday-lucky us) for a week. He has been in a tournament and tonight was the final night (thank goodness, we have the weekend off) anyway tonight Brock had many fans to cheer him on including his Grandma Jan, his PaPa Larry, his Uncle Gary and our good friend Allison. Brock's team won 9-2 and Brock was named the MVP of the tournament! He is so excited. The best part of this day wasn't about the game, his best friend, Trey moved to Seattle last summer. Brock hasn't seen him in a year. This week Trey is visiting his grandparents that live near us so today Trey came over to spend the night with Brock tonight. Brock is thrilled! They are having so much fun together. Brock also invited two other friends to spend the night so we have 4 stinky, rowdy boys in our basement.

Ava and Grandma Jan during the game

Brock and his team after they won the tournament

The coaches Graig, Shawn, and Chris at the Pizza Party after the game

Brock with his MVP trophy

Brock with his friends Sean, Trey and Thomas