Sunday, July 13, 2008

Little League Tournament

Graig has been coordinating the Little League tournament for our town, it finally started today! Thank goodness, he has been working so hard getting other teams signed up, working out the tournament brackets, organizing the umpires and the teams, and getting his own team ready for the tournament. This morning he left the house at 7:30 to get the fields ready. All day terrible thunderstorms were forecast for our town, luckily for us it didn't start raining until the last game of the day got over. It poured and poured. I have never, ever seen so much rain in my whole life! We were going to go out to dinner but we were soaked from all the rain so we just came home and I made chicken fingers and french fries.

Ava and I before the game in our Little League t-shirts (Ava is showing off her cleat, she is the bat girl for the games)

Graig and Ava

Graig working on the book

Ava listening to her I-pod, her favorite song is "Our Song" by Taylor Swift, it's so cute when she sings it

Graig talking to the team after the game, we won 8-7Brock wasn't at the game today because he had his Gus Macker tournament, his team came in 3rd place. Since we were at Little League I don't have any pictures from the games, but Brock took these pics of himself


Kelly said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your have a CUTE family!!! You will LOVE blogging - it's so much fun!
I will come back and visit!