Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saying Goodbye, a lazy evening, and a new baby!

Brock and his friend Trey (who moved to Seattle last summer) spent the day together yesterday. They had lots of fun playing baseball in the morning and swimming in the afternoon. After swimming, they came over to our house to take pictures and say good-bye until they visit again next year.

Brock and Trey

After Trey and his family left, Graig took Brock and Ava to his mom's house for the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction weekend. Brock, Ava, and Grandma Jan will be selling hotdogs and sodas to the people that are visiting for the Hall of Fame weekend. Brock and Ava are so excited to spend the weekend with their grandma.

Last night my friend Allison came over to hang out. We made cookies and also made cute little magnets for a sorority conference that we are going to attend.

Here are the cookies we made, (yes-we ate all but 3 of them and yes-they were break and bake)

Here are the magnets we made for the sorority conference

Here are all the magnets in basket. Don't they look cute?

Our good friends Sabrina and Shawn had their baby early this morning. They had a girl, Eliza June, she was born at 5:50 this morning and weighed 6lbs. and 3 oz. and was 20 inches long. Graig and I are going to the hospital to see them this afternoon. We can't wait to meet her!!