Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A busy day and a county fair

I woke up early this morning to make cookies for the summer Orientation Leaders. Today was the last day of summer Orientation and I wanted to make them a special treat. Even though I only have a very small part in Orientation I love working with the students and this group was really great. I am going to miss them.

Here is a picture of the cookies that I made them

I just got this new pan and I used it to make the cookies. It has air vents on the bottom of the pan and it makes the best cookies. I highly recommend it if you need a new cookie sheet.Ava and I ran to k-mart in the afternoon to get a trampoline for our backyard. Brock and Ava have been begging for one so Graig and I broke down and decided to get them one. I will post pictures when we put it up!

Tonight was the opening day for our County Fair. My friend Allison and I go every year to watch the parade. We had lots of fun~we watched the parade, ate tons of fattening fair food, toured the animal barns, and we each got the cutest Christmas Tree skirts (random I know but they are really cute and they are going to look perfect under our trees~the best part is that they were only $3!)

Ava and Allison watching the parade

The grandstands at the fair

Allison's Dad (holding the flag) in the parade. He is a volunteer firefighter for his town

Ava in the rabbit barn


Beth, Kevin, Ryan & Colleen said...

I found the Eichler Blog! I love it! And I love the Otsego County Fair! It's also nice to see that Graig is as much of a dork now as I remember him always being (I haven't read much yet.. but I saw the pic of him and his friend dressed the same!). By the way, your kids are huge now! I remember them as babies... I look forward to reading more about your exciting lives!

CarolinaGirl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! This really makes me miss my hometown! Everyone loves a fair!! I am having fun reading your blog! I love all the summer pictures!