Sunday, November 7, 2010

Family Time!

My sister Shelby was released from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon.  She is SO glad to be at home with baby Ainsley!  Wednesday night when she was released we went to the pharmacy to get her medicine and then we ordered pizza and had a quiet night at home with them before we headed home on Thursday morning. 

Ava LOVES her baby cousin and wanted to hold her all the time.  Here are some pictures with Ava and baby Ainsley.  Shelby's MIL Linda got Ava that adorable peace sign jacket while we were there.She LOVES it!!  Ava also had fun picking out Ainsley's outfits while we were there.    She is a live little doll that Ava can dress up. 

Here is Shelby feeding Ainsley.  We all took turns getting up with her in the middle of the night so it wouldn't be too much for Shelby. 

I love this picture of Ainsley sleeping.  She is such a good baby she only cries when she is hungry and she loves to be held.  The whole time we were there one of us was holding her unless she was sleeping in her crib.  We really spoiled her!

Here is my Dad, Ava, Ainsley, me and Shelby right before Ava and I left for the airport.  Shelby had JUST gotten up and I know she is going to kill me for putting this on my blog-ha ha! 


Janna said...

I'm glad Michelle is doing better and you guys got to spend some time together. Ainsley is so cute!