Friday, November 26, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Today I took down all of my fall and Thanksgiving decorations and started putting up our Christmas decorations!  I put our trees up last weekend and today I got out all of our other decorations and started decorating our mantle.  I also did a little decorating outside.  Thankfully we put our outside lights up a few weeks ago when we had a warm weekend.  I will try to post some pictures when I am all finished. 

You know I HATE Black Friday shopping but I did go to Home Depot to buy some of their .97 cent poinsettia's.  Each person was allowed 10 of them so I bought 10 of them.  I was surprised by how big and full they are.  I put some around our house and Ava took a few to our neighbor. 

Tonight Ava and I went with Grandma Jan to the Santa parade in Cooperstown.  It was a lot of fun!  Ava brought her BFF Anika.  When Brock was little we took him  to the parade and he would sit on Graig's shoulders to see Santa.  I miss those days!  Tonight he went to watch a basketball game with Graig. 
I took a few pictures of Santa's house before the parade started.  Isn't this the best Santa house?  I think it's adorable.

We had a pretty good spot to watch the parade from.  We were close to Santa!  Here he is when he was still on his sleigh.

  After the parade the line was SO long so we didn't wait in line to talk to him but we did see Frosty and Rudolph!  We also went to a few stores and then we got some pizza for dinner.  It was a fun night!

For the rest of the weekend we are going to be at home.  I am going to finish decorating and maybe do a little shopping for Christmas!  I also want to finish a couple of craft projects that I have been working on.  Have a good weekend!


Michelle said...

So fun! Looks like the girls had a great time! We decorated for Christmas today too!

Janna said...

It looks like you had a good time at the parade. We have the Lights Fantastic parade coming up here. I can't wait.

AG said...

awww, that looks like it was really fun. I'm decorating for Christmas today too. Let's hang out soon.