Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Christmas mantle

Here are some pictures of our Christmas mantle. I guess my theme for this year is color.  I have been loving colored lights this year.  I have always used white and I still have them on our big tree but I used colored lights outside and on our smaller tree in our office and on our mantle.  I also used a lot of red, green and lime in our house this year. 

Here is our mantle.  On the large platter I added a white cutout Christmas tree from the Dollar Tree.  I really love the color of that platter so I wanted to use it for Christmas.  I hot glued it on the platter so after Christmas it will comeo off and I can use it plain again. 

 Here is a close up of my garland with the colored lights!

 I got this new Nativity scene this year when I was in Illinois. I love it!

Happy Tuesday!


Michelle said...

I really like the nativity scene!

AG said...

Love it! I always use white lights but I used to use color all the time. :)