Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A really quick update!

I can't believe that I haven't updated in 2 weeks!  We have been super busy and honestly blogging has been the last thing on my mind.  My work has been SO busy!  Last week I had meetings, events, etc almost every hour and I went in two nights just to get caught up on email and paperwork.  It has been CRAZY!  This weekend I am coordinating a big leadership conference for freshman and sophomores on campus so I also spent last week making sure that everything was ready for the conference.

Friday afternoon I got a call from my sister Shelby she was SO because her doctor was going to send her back to the hospital for complications following the birth of her sweet baby girl Ainsley.  My poor sister has had SO many things go wrong after the birth of her daughter.  She was perfectly healthy up until the time she delivered (her labor took 40 hours!) and as of today she has been in the hospital more days than she has been home with Ainsley :(  She has blood clots in her uterus, and she also has a hematoma near her uterus.  She also has HELLP syndrome.   On top of ALL of that Ainsley isn't gaining weight like she should so late Friday afternoon they put her in the hospital too! 

We are in NY and Shelby is in Iowa so I looked online for plane tickets and I decided that Ava and I would fly out very early Saturday morning to go help them. We arrived in Iowa at 9:30 am and my Dad met us at the airport. We drove straight to the hospital to see Shelby and Ainsley. We spent the day at the hospital and Saturday night my Dad and I  stayed in the hospital to take care of Ainsley.  Here are some pictures that I took of Ainsley her her hospital bed.  Isn't she a cutie?

Here is a picture of her hospital room.  Thankfully Ainsley was released on Sunday morning and she was able to go home.  In the hospital they put her on high calorie formula and she has been eating that really well and gaining weight.  Thankfully!!
 Here is Ava with her PaPa and her very first first cousin!  She LOVES holding Ainsley and her favorite thing to do is to sit on the couch and hold her baby cousin. 
 Her is Shelby in her hospital room feeding Ainsley.  Hopefully she will be coming home tomorrow morning.  Because of her blood clots she will have to give herself shots every day but she is excited to be coming HOME!   
 Finally here is a picture of Ainsley in her crib.  Ava and I have been her room mates this week :)  Her sweet pink and brown baby bedding is from Target. 
Please keep Shelby and Ainsley in your thoughts and prayers.  They have been through so much the last few weeks.   Tomorrow after Shelby gets released we are just going to stay at her house and hang out.  Shelby is worn out and she just wants to be home with her baby. 


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