Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

...that sums up our weekend! It was so beautiful here both days and we were on the go all day both days! Saturday was the opening day of Little League. It was a perfect day for baseball! The parade and opening ceremonies were in the morning and Brock's game was at 3pm.

Here is a picture that my friend Abby took of Graig talking during the opening ceremonies (thanks Abby!!) As Little League President he worked so hard to make sure that everything was ready for the kids, coaches and families for Opening Day. I think he did a great job and the weather was absolutely perfect. Ava has a Little League uniform too she looks so cute in it. I was so busy during Opening Day that I didn't take a picture of either of them, I will have to make sure to take some next weekend.

On Sunday, Brock and Ava both had soccer games. Ava took a couple of pictures from Brock's game, he plays goalie. Ava's first game of the season was in the afternoon. Last week Graig took her to get her uniform, he said she was worried about three things:

1. she wanted to know what color her team was (they are yellow this year)

2. she wanted to get #9 which is Graig's number from when he played sports, she told Graig they needed to get to the uniform handout extra early because #9 is a popular number (ha ha)

3. she wanted to know where the team was going to go for their end of the season party

Isn't that cute? Ava played goalie too, she takes after her big brother!! I will have to take some pictures of her game next week.


Jill said...

That is so sweet that Ava wanted the same number as her dad. I bet Graig loved that. I just love it that she's already thinking about the end of season party!!! Too cute!