Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend recap!

We had a very busy weekend (I feel like I say that every weekend!) Anyway, Friday night Ava had her friend Jade sleep over, they are so cute together! Jade is so sassy and darling. I love how she just says whatever is on her mind. Friday evening our neighbors brought over the 12 (yes 12!!) boxes of girl scout cookies that we bought, we had just ordered pizza so they ended up staying and hanging out with us until 11:30, which is extremely late for Graig and I!

Saturday morning we were all up early to volunteer for the Little League. Graig and Brock went down to the fields to help paint picnic tables and the dugouts. Ava and I headed to BJ's (a warehouse store) with a couple of other Moms to get all of the stuff that we need for the little league concession stand. We were there about an hour and spent $1300 on food!!
Ava and Jade surrounded by hamburger, doesn't Ava looked THRILLED!!

Ava and I at lunch on Saturday.

Ava always gets the biggest ice cream, she loves it!

On Sunday, Graig and I took our doggies to the park. We let them off of their leashes and just let them run and run until they are exhausted, they absolutely love it. They get so dirty!! As soon as we got home I put them right in the bath tub. I thought it was hard getting two kids to smile and look at the camera at the same time, with two dogs it's twice as hard!!

I love this picture of Cotton!! He looks so cute!

Licking their doggie lips

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Brock starts Little League this week! We are all ready for baseball season!


AG said...

awww, I miss little Cotton. Sounds like a busy weekend.

Jill said...

The weekends always seem too short. Wow~ that's a lot of hamburger. I hope you're not the one that has to cook it all. :)

Angie said...

You did have a busy weekend! The color in my laundry is Del Coronado Amber from Lowe's. It is a goldish yellow and I really like it.