Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Weekend

I have worked every single day this week while the students have been on break-I have gotten so much done!! I am so happy that I worked every day, I had a to do list for the week and IT'S DONE!!! That never, ever happens!!

Brock and Ava's spring break started yesterday and Ava has spent the last two nights with Grandma Jan, she is going to sleep over again tonight and tomorrow they are going to an Easter Parade! She calls us a couple of times each day and keeps us updated on all the fun things they are doing.

Tonight, Brock and Graig have Little League Practice and I am going to make manicotti and salad for dinner. After dinner, I just want to relax and catch up on all my tv shows and magazine reading!

Tomorrow we need to color our Easter Eggs and I need to make my deviled eggs and chocolate pie for Easter Dinner. I also need to put Brock and Ava's Easter Baskets together. The Easter Bunny always leaves them on our dining room table.

Tomorrow evening I want to take Ava to see the new Hannah Montana movie, I think it looks really cute and Ava can't wait to see it.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Easter weekend filled with family and friends!!


Jill said...

Sounds like y'all have a fun weekend ahead. Happy Easter.

Cristina said...

Have a great weekend. Check the spelling, Eater Dinner :P

Pharmacist Erin said...

Have a great Easter weekend!!!