Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend recap!

Friday evening we had Graig's Dad, brother and grandma over for dinner. Graig's Dad went down south to North Carolina for the winter and we haven't seen him since before Christmas, so they came over to eat dinner with us. Here is a picture of Ava and Grandpa Larry Saturday, Brock had his championship basketball game for a tournament they were in, Brock's team won! They were so happy!! Brock had a good game and made all of his free throw shots when he got fouled.
Saturday night was my friend Angie's 35th birthday party. She had about 25 people at her party, we had so much fun laughing and talking. I forgot my camera, but thankfully one of her other friends took ton of pictures and she is going to email us. Here is a picture of Sabrina, me and the birthday girl, Angie, from last weekend at Sabrina's husband's b-day party
This morning we went to church for Palm Sunday services and this afternoon our neighbors had an Easter Egg Hunt. Poor Ava had dance practice so she couldn't go :( but Brock went and he had a good time with the little kids, he helped them get eggs and he got some for himself, we told him he could only get eggs that were hidden from the waist up. I am so glad that Brock still likes hunting eggs, this will probably be his last year :(

sweet treats I bought at our church bake sale for the Easter Egg Hunt
All the kids ready to go
Silly boys-Joe and Brock before the egg hunt

Brock inspecting an egg

Brock searching for eggs

Joe and Brock showing their eggs, aren't they cute?

Have a good week!!


Michelle said...

Those cupcakes look perfect!! How did you get the icing that perfect? The kids look like they had a fun egg hunt!!

Cristina said...

Aw what fun. I can't believe how big Brock is getting. Ava's hair looks really cute that style, parted on the side. It makes her look older (! yikes!)

AG said...

sounds like a fun weekend!

Lamp Tramp said...

What a fun weekend! Congrats to Brock and his team! Family events are the best, make such wonderful memories for you and your children!