Thursday, August 20, 2009

DIY Day!

Today is Kimba's DIY day! I am really happy with the two quick projects that I got done this week. I forgot to take before pictures this time.

The first one is a little chair that I painted. I LOVE this chair it belonged to my beloved Aunt who passed away in 2000. She was a Nun, so she didn't have any kids of her own, my sister Shelby and I were like her children. She was SO MUCH fun she always doing fun and crazy stuff with us when we were growing up. When Graig and I got engaged at the top of the arch in St. Louis she organized my whole family to be waiting for us at the bottom with signs and balloons! Anyway, she gave me this chair that was hers when she was little. It has been in our basement forever because I was never quite sure what to do with it. I loved the chair because it belonged to her but it didn't really go with anything in my house. I finally decided to paint it and add new cushion fabric and I am SO happy with the way it turned out.

I painted this frame that I got for free at a yardsale earlier this summer. I added burlap to the frame and hotglued a monogram in the center. I really like the way this turned out too!


marty39 said...

The chair and the frame are both just gorgeous. Beautiful work. How special and precious to have the chair from your beloved aunt. Hugs, Marty

Angie said...

I think both turned out great! May have to copy the initial!

AG said...

so cute, Angie! I can't wait to move into my new place. We will have to do a craft night because I think I'll have stuff to make pretty then. :)

I miss you!