Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Brock!!

Today is Brock's 12th Birthday!!! I can't believe he's 12 already!! Brock is THE BEST son, we are so proud of him. He is going into Middle School next year and he wants to play soccer, basketball and baseball so we will be super busy!! We are celebrating this weekend by going to Hershey Park today and tomorrow Graig and Brock are going to the Yankees Game in NYC. It should be a fun birthday weekend for him!

Happy Birthday Brock, we love you

Brock with his friend Theo


AG said...

I hope Brock has a great birthday! I can't believe he's 12 either. wow.

Michelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROCK! We love you very much and hope you had a great visit to Hershey Park and the NYY game! love, Aunt Shelby