Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend recap!!

Ok I know it's Tuesday...but today is MY Monday because yesterday we were driving back from our Vermont weekend getaway. Graig, Brock, Ava and I had SUCH a wonderful time this weekend visiting with our friends Jim and Donna and their two kids at their cabin in Vermont.

I can sum up our trip in two words:
1. swimming
2. eating

We all took a little break from all of our electronic devices (cell phone, laptops, TV, ipods, game boys, etc) when we got to Vermont to enjoy time as a family. Since we NEVER do that it was really nice just to be together as a family, without all the everyday stuff that gets in the way of quality family time. OK I confess, I still checked my iphone in the morning and at night to catch up on my email, twitter and blogs but most of the time it was OFF-ha ha!

The cabin we stayed in was very woodsy (is that a word?) but it did have electricity and running water. I left ALL of my make-up and hair products at home, I didn't want to be bothered bringing all of that stuff with me since we were going to be in the woods all weekend, and I didn't think make-up was a necessary accessory.

My Dad did send us two great weekend bags that arrived on Friday so we were able to use those for the trip! Thanks Dad perfect timing :)

All day Saturday and Sunday we were in the lake, it was so hot and a little humid so they were both PERFECT days to be in the water. We went swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and the boys went fishing while us girls floated around the lake on floats. It was wonderful. We packed lunches and ate by the lake and we had wonderful dinners in the cabin at night (Saturday night we had steak and Sunday night we had Chicken Cordon Blue)

I didn't take a single picture! Thank goodness my friend Donna took lots of pics, I will have to get some from her :)

Yesterday, we drove home and got a ton of stuff done around the house to get ready for the week ahead. I took Brock and Ava to the library to get books for the summer reading program and I got The American Wife for myself. It's loosely based on Laura Bush's life.

I am a little nervous today because Brock's middle school orientation is this morning. He is going to get his schedule, meet with his teachers, get his locker and school supply list and find out about fall sports. I will let you know how it went tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Jill said...

Sounds like y'all had a relaxing weekend. There's nothing like good quality family time.

Good luck today at school with Brock. I would be nervous too.