Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend getaway!

This weekend we went on a little family vaca to visit our friends, Mary and Greg, who moved to PA two years ago. Greg was Graig's boss for two years when Graig worked as Dir. of Res. Life at Hartwick College. Mary and I went to the same church and taught Sunday School together. It was so fun to catch up with them!

They have 5 kids!! 4 girls and one boy, their oldest daughter starts College next month and their youngest daughter starts kindergarten next year. Their daughter Lucy was in the same class as Brock when they lived here. We got to visit with all their kids except for their son Zach, who was away at a soccer camp.

They live 5 minutes away from Hershey Park so they took us to Hershey Park on Friday. I took a ton of pictures at the park, here are some pictures from our time with them.
Greg and Graig

me and Mary

Bridget, Mary and Greg's youngest daughter

Clare, Brock and Lucy

Bridget and Ava on the Frogger Ride

Brock and Graig

Greg, Graig and all the kids

Friday night we went to a festival and Mary and Greg's church. We ate dinner there, they had music, kids games and BINGO!! We played Bingo for an hour it was so much fun. They also had a bounce house that Brock LOVED!! It was so funny because he was my far the oldest kid in the bounce house.

I took his picture because it will probably be the last time that he plays in one...since he's 12 :)

When we got to Mary and Greg's house after the festival we celebrated Brock's 12th birthday! Here is a picture of Brock with his birthday cake.

Saturday morning we got up early and drove to NYC so Graig and Brock could go to the Yankee Game. Brock LOVES the Yankees and he was so excited to go to the game with Graig. While they were at the game Ava and I went to the American Girl Doll store and shopped and had dinner. I will post our NYC pictures tomorrow.

Today we drove home and Graig took Brock and Ava to Grandma Jan's for the week. She is off from work this week and Graig and I have to work, I am sure they will have a blast!! She always plans lots of fun things for them to do. While they are gone we have a ton of things to get done around the house so Graig and I will be busy this week too!