Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Tonight I took Brock and Ava to a Halloween party at the Boys and Girls Club in our town.  Ava dressed up like an 80's girl and Brock (and all of his friends-ha ha) were too cool to dress up so he didn't dress up. 

The party was a lot of fun they had a costume contest, haunted house, gross anatomy room, games and lots of food.  It was a lot of fun!!    They got SO much candy!

Ava with her friend Olivia

We came home and got ready for bed and now we are watching the Yankees!  Brock is the biggest Yankees fan and he is SO excited they are in the World Series!

Tomorrow night we are going to a halloween carnival and to trick or treating on campus, it should be fun!  Friday Brock and Ava don't have school so we are going to stay home and relax!  I can't wait!


janna said...

Ava looks so cute!

Michelle said...

Too cute!! Ava looks adorable and her friend's outfit is so creative too!