Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Night under the stars!

Tonight my friend Chris and I took our kids out for pizza and then we went to the Planetarium on campus to see a show on astronomy.  It was a fun night.  I'm glad we decided to go together, both of our husbands are traveling for work this week so it was nice to do something fun and different together!

Here is a picture of Jake and Ava before the planetarium show.  They are SO cute together.  I love Jake's glasses!  Ava and Jake have been friends since the day they were born!  Chris and I work together on campus and they were born a month apart.  They went to the same daycare and preschool.  Tonight Jake said he wanted to grow up to be a college soccer coach (so cute because Chris is the swimming and diving coach at our College) and Ava said she wanted to be a dance teacher and she wants to work at Dairy Queen (umm maybe we go there too much! ha ha)

Brock getting ready for the show to start. 

After the show we looked at some animals they have on display.  Brock and Ava LOVED this bobcat. 

After the show I decided to take some pictures of Brock and Ava for our Christmas card.  For once, I want to try to order our Christmas cards early.    Anyway, I took about 50 pictures of them and I think I will have to take about 50 more to get a good one!  ha ha (I know their clothes don't match each other, I am going to print the picture in black and white or sephia so it doesn't matter)


AG said...

awww, I love the pictures of Brock and Ava! I miss you guys.

Michelle said...

Brock and Ava are precious!!! Love their pictures, sounds like you all had a great time tonight!