Friday, October 2, 2009

I have seen everything!!

Last night was a big night for Brock and Ava!  Brock started his middle school religious ed classes at our church, St. Mary's and Ava had her Open House at school. 

Brock was SO nervous about going, he didn't tell me but I can always tell-ha ha!  They have kids from 7th-10th grade together in one group and I think it was a little overwhelming for him.  In elementary school each grade is seperate.  Tonight he is going to go to youth group and he is going on an overnight retreat with our church youth at the end of this month! 

While Brock was at religious education, Ava had her Open House at school.  She was SO proud to show us her classroom and all of the projects and papers she has been working on so far this year.  She has the same teacher. Mrs. Andrews, (she is wonderful!) from last year,  her school does looping so kids have the same teacher for 1st and 2nd grades which is really nice. 

After we got done with the Open House we went to pick up Brock and then we made a fast trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond because I was reading on Our Suburban Cottage that they now carry Amy Butler patterns.  I was so excited!  I think her things are SO cute, anyway while we were there Ava found a Snuggie for dogs.  You know those infomercials they have on TV?  They now have a DOG version.  Ava really wanted me to get one for our dogs!  We didn't get one but I did take her picture with it, I knew Graig would think it was SO funny!

Happy Friday!!


janna said...

I cannot believe they make snuggies for dogs. That is hilarious!

Jill said...

Oh my... Amy Butler at BBB! I had no idea!

Love the dog snuggie. I might have to get one for my niece this Christmas.

Michelle said...

Ava is too cute! Hope Brock had fun at youth group--the retreat sounds like fun, he will get to know all of the kids there really well and hopefully will feel more comfortable :)!

The Mrs. said...

That is too funny!!!!