Monday, October 26, 2009

Outside fall decorations

I meant to post this on Friday when Kelly did her tour but I didn't get it up in time.  Anyway, I LOVE decorating the outside of our house for fall.  I didn't buy anything new this year because I think I have enough fall stuff, I didn't even put all of it up this year.   And I  didn't e buy any Mums this fall because I didn't have the time.  We still have to buy pumpkins to carve for Halloween. 

I really like this cute scarecrow, I got it at a craft fair a couple of years ago

Welcome to our Pumpkin Patch!!

This wreath is on our side door, I made it with my friends a couple of years ago.  I love it!  I always put my best wreath on this door because this is the door that everyone uses all the time to come into our house.   

I made this last year at our craft club.  The old fence is from my friends yard.  They took out this fence and put in a new one.

Our halloween flag

The wreath on our front door, I got this from ebay

These last two are Brock and Ava's favorite decorations.  I am not a fan of these but they love them so I put them up every halloween just for them :)

Happy Fall!!


Michelle said...

Your house looks so festive! I love it!

janna said...

All of you decorations look so cute!

AG said...

awww, i always love your decorations!