Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend update!!

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL!!!  We had perfect weather.  I will give you a quick update on what we did.

Friday-Brock and I went to the blessing of the animals at our church.  They had ALL kinds of animals there from goldfish to horses!!  We brought our dogs Daisy and Cotton.  It was raining so they had the blessing inside the church, it was so funny to see all those animals inside our chuch.  The horses did stay outside-ha ha! 

Brock with Cotton

Saturday-The usual, cheerleading, ballet, and baseball.  I took Ava to a sale at her dance studio and she got 5 cute dance outfits, that she can play dress up in for $20!!  Saturday afternoon she had some friends over and they dressed up in the costumes, they had SO much fun! 

Sunday-In the morning we all walked in the annual Pit Run and in the afternoon we went shopping with Grandma Jan in Binghamton.  Ava really needed some new fall clothes so she got a few new outfits. We also went to Homegoods which was fun, because it was Grandma Jan's first trip there, she LOVED it! 
Ava modeling her new vest, gloves and hat. 

Have a good week!


Michelle said...

Cute pictures of B & A! I like Ava's pink coat and hat!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I think that sounds like a very fun weekend!! :)