Friday, June 10, 2011

The Bad and the Good

This week has been full of some bad things and some good things in our house.  I thought that I would share what has been going on in our world.

First the bad...
Brock stayed home from school two days this week with strep throat.  The poor thing he just slept and laid around and has felt lousy for two days.  Last night he played in a basketball games and he said after the game that he wish he just stayed home because he felt terrible the whole time he was playing.  His doctor said we need to schedule an appointment with an ENT doctor to talk  about getting his tonsils out. 

I couldn't get to sleep last night!  Have you ever had nights like that?  Usually I go right to sleep but last night I could not sleep.  The last time I looked at the clock it was 2:15 in the morning.  I missed my favorite exercise class of the week this morning at 5:30 because of my lack of sleep.

Ok now on to the good (I am thankful there is more good than bad!)

Graig and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary on Tuesday June 7.  I can't believe we have been married 14 years!  I was at a conference for work all day Tuesday so we went out for lunch on Wednesday to celebrate. 

Ava's dance recital is this weekend!  She has been working so hard and I can't wait to see her dance tonight!
Today she wore her hair in curlers to school so her hair would be curly for tonight.  All the dancers have to wear their hair in curly ponytails.  She was so proud to get to wear her curlers to school today-ha ha!

My neice Ainsley got her little helmet this week  that she has to wear for a few months to straighten out her head.  My sister Shelby  has been writing about it on her blog.  Ainshley is the cutest and happiest baby I can't wait to love on her when we visit them later this summer!

My friend Allison gave me the best nailpolish.  I love it! It's called Ballet Slippers by Essie and it's a great neutral color for summer.  Thanks Allison!!

I also discovered my new favorite flavor of yogurt.  Chiobani black cherry.  I get Chiobanni all the time because I eat them for snacks at work but I had never had the black cherry flavor until this week.  It is delicious!

Last summer we hosted Kyle,  a college baseball player from California in our home.  He was planning on playing in Alaska this summer but he found out this week that he got switched to a team in Massachutes.  He is going to be 2 1/2 hours away from us!  We are going to take a day trip out to see him and watch him play.   We are really excited to be able to see him again this summer!


Janna said...

Happy Anniversary! I cannot believe that it has been that long, but I also can't believe we have been out of high school for 17 years.