Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wednesday recipes!

Brock is graduating from 8th grade tomorrow and to celebrate we are throwing him a little party on Friday night.

At his request we are having some of his favorite foods which include hamburgers, hotdogs, macaroni and cheese, baked beans and white sheet cake.  I also am going to make a few other things like deviled eggs, potato salad, and a tossed salad that Brock won't touch but I'm sure our guests will enjoy.

I am also going to make my friend Allison's feta dip.  This dip is SO good.  We had it last night at our 31 party and  people just loved it.  I begged her to make it for me early but she knows me too well and didn't because it would have been gone before the party started.  The picture and recipe are from her blog.

Feta Dip (AKA-the best dip you will ever eat)
What To Do:

1. Wet large platter generously with olive oil
2. Dice green onions and tomatoes
3. Throw them on the olive oil
4. Crumble feta cheese and throw them on the platter too
5. Sprinkle the Greek seasoning on top (yes, there is actually Greek seasoning--I never knew)
6. Mix it all together gently on the platter
7. Slice baguette thinly for dipping.
8. Enjoy!

I'm also going to make my sister's cheesy potatoes.  She hosted a party last month at her new house and made these potatoes.  They looked really good (and easy!) and I wanted to try them at Brock's party.

Cheesy Potatoes
1 package frozen hash browns (I do the cubes)--I think it is 16 oz
1 package cheddar cheese shredded--normal package size
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can cream of potato soup
8 oz sour cream
Mix all of the ingredients and cook in a crockpot on low for 3 hours. 

Tomorrow is Brock and Ava's last day of school for the year and it's also my last day of work for almost two weeks.  We are SO ready for summer!


AG said...

can't wait for Brock's party! I can't believe he's graduating from 8th grade. Time flies. Good thing I don't age a day.

AG said...

The party was so fun!!