Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday recipe!

I have been on vacation from work since last Thursday.  We aren't going anywhere so I guess it's a stay-cation but I'm still having fun!  I honestly thought I would have so much more time for blogging but I haven't really been able to look at blogs for a week.  We have been so busy!  Brock's 8th grade graduation and party was last week.  Brock took the battery out of my camera for his xbox so this is the only picture I have of his graduation-ha ha!  This is from the after graduation party at the school.

We have some really pretty flowers from our garden this year.  I picked these and put them in little vases I got at Target.  They make me so  happy when I see them in our window!

Thanks to my friend Sabrina I have a new appreciation for succulents.  I got this one at Lowe's and my friend Allison gave me the cute chalkboard sign for it.  I think she got the little sign at Michaels. 

This morning I made tortellini salad for lunch.  It's a variation of the tortellini and tomato salad that's in this month's southern living magazine.  Here is a link to the recipe. 
This is the a picture from the southern living blog. 

For mine I added some celery, tomato, carrots and sharp cheddar cheese cubes.  I tossed the pasta, vegetable and cheese with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. 

Here is the bowl that I had for lunch it was great!

My friend Allison made us a pan of home made mac and cheese for dinner tonight.  It's her grandma's recipe and she put it on her blog today. I can't wait to try it!  Thanks Allison! 

PS This is also my 500th post!!I started blogging 3 years ago and it's become a fun hobby for me.  I love getting ideas and seeing how other people live. Happy Wednesday.


Michelle said...

That looks lelish! You'll have to make it when you come to visit in July!

Sabrina said...

Congratulations on your 500th post!!