Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday, Monday!

Monday is my favorite day of the week.  I know that sounds silly but I always feel like Monday is a fresh start.  After the weekend I do like coming in to work on Monday and getting back to work and into our weekday routines.  This week is Brock and Ava's last week of school.    They are SO excited for summer to start! 

I am off from work next week and I want us to do some fun things.  I printed of this summer to do list from the fabulous eighteen25 blog and I thought they could each write down a few things they want to do next week.  My mother in law (Grandma Jan) always does this with them when they go and stay with her so I thought it would be fun for us to try at home.

Tonight I am going over to my friend Allison's house and we are going to be cooking and baking up a storm  to get ready for our 31 Party tomorrow night.   She is so creative and she made this little lemonade stand that we are going to use at the party. 
31 has some fabulous bags.  Here are some of the bags that are going to be at the party tomorrow night. 

Graig and I worked on house projects all weekend to get ready for Brock's 8th grade graduation party on Friday.  I bought new deck furniture and cushions that I will show you later this week.  I practiced making   iced sugar cookies as the favor for his party.   Those cookies are seriously yummy but they take WAY to much time to make.   One of my new favorite blogs Dixie Delights showed how to make these  baseball favors.These will be MUCH easier to make.
Have a great Monday!


Janna said...

I really like the 31 parties, but i always spend too much money. Have fun!