Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brock's 14th birthday!

Today was Brock's 14th birthday!  It was a low key kind of day because he is still recovering from his tonsil surgery. I CAN'T believe he's 14 already!  The years have gone by SO fast.  He has grown from a sweet little boy to a young man. 

Here is a picture of Brock from tonight.  One of the perks of Graig's job is a golf cart.  He coordinates the summer camps on campus so he has to travel around campus all the time.  The golf cart makes it much easier for him to get around to all the places he needs to go on campus.   

This afternoon he felt good enough so we went and ate lunch out and then we went to the movies.  He wanted to see Planet of the Apes.  I wasn't excited at all about seeing it but it turned out to be a really good movie!

I think this picture is SO funny!  I took a quick picture of Brock and I on the golf cart and Ava squeezed her head in.  You know she hates to miss being in a picture-ha ha!



Michelle said...

I love that last picture. Glad to hear he is feeling better! Sounds like you guys planned a fun, relaxing day for him.

AG said...

I can't believe Brock's 14 either. It seems like yesterday he was a little guy in Hulbert Hall!