Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday, Tuesday!!

The college students came back on Sunday so I am busy, busy, busy at work.  I made these cute little treat bags to welcome them back to school.  They had pens, pencils and candy in them. 

Last weekend Allison and I went to yard sales.  I got this adorable turqousise enamal bowl.  I just LOVE it!  I put a plant in it and put it in our dining room table. 

I'm also SO proud of these flowers on our deck.  They have just done so well this year.  Usually my deck flowers wilt and die in June. 

I got this milk glass container at yard sales too.  I added this basil plant that I got at the farmer's market.  I hope this basil lives it would be so nice to have fresh basil at home.  I'll let you know usually my basil dies after a week or two. 

Last but not least these pretty flowers from my garden.  I love all the summer blooms I've gotten from my garden this year!

Happy Tuesday!