Thursday, August 4, 2011

Home Organization notebook

Erin from Blue Eyed Bride is having a home organization notebook link up party today.  I have had my home organization notebook for about a year and it has made things so much easier for me!    There are a lot of websites and blogs that have printable pages and templates that you can use.  I found that it worked out better for me to create my own personalized sheets.

Here is my home organization binder.  I keep in on my desk in the living room. 

My sections tabs include
To Do-a running to do list.  I add to this list almost every day.
Home Daily Sheets-I took a picture of this sheet below.    This is where I keep track of the things I need to get done every day. 
 Workouts- I took a picture of this sheet below.  I like to workout 5-6 days per week.  I keep track of my daily workouts. 
Decorating-I print out pictures of decorating ideas and things I'd like to do in our home.
Cooking-I took a picture of this sheet below.  I keep my running grocery list, a weekly menu and a list of daily chores that I need to get done. 
Projects-That I want to work on, crafts I want to make, etc. 
Lists-longer range to do lists, things we want to do around the house, gifts I need to buy,  etc. 
Goals-the personal goals that I have for myself and my family.  I review these once a week. 

I also have a pocket in front where I keep miscellaneous things.  Right now I have a list of things that need to be done before I go back to work on August 8, bunco scorecards, a workout from a magazine, and a picture of a house that has beautiful landscaping. 

This is my daily sheet.  I plan what I'm going to do each day and write it on this sheet. I also like to keep track of what I eat (I'm doing WW) and keep track of the money I spend each day. 

I'm home today so my sheet is pretty full.  On days when I am working I only put one or two things on my to do list.  If I put too much on my daily to do list  I get overwhelmed and I feel like a failure if I don't get everything done. 
These are the things I need to accomplish today
-work out
-water plants inside and out
-start organizing my basement craft area
-work outside in our flower beds
-return library books
This is the sheet where I keep track of my daily workouts.  I like to see what I've accomplished week to week and track my progress. 

I also like to plan what we are going to have every night for dinner.  I find if I know what we are going to eat at home we tend to eat at home more. I also like to do a least one daily house chore so I don't have to spend all weekend cleaning my house. I am lucky because I  have someone come clean our house every other week.  So if I don't get to things or if I get too busy I know it will be cleaned.  I feel so good when our house is clean and organized!

Here are some other blogs that really helped me in developing my home organization notebook.  
Erin from Sunny Side Up.
Jennifer from Her Southern Charm

My home organization notebook has helped me SO much. I love it! I am MUCH happier if I am organized. If my house is clean and I know what I need to do each day I am much less stressed out and I am a more cheerful wife,  mom and friend.  I am happy to email you my sheets if you would like to use them. Thanks Erin for coordinating this link up!


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

I love it! It looks great and so helpful!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

I love it! It looks great and so helpful!

Bri @ Mod Memento said...

Beautiful notebook! I am finding inspiration for my own by visiting so many other great ideas! Lovely blog too! ~Bri~