Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ava's 7th Birthday!!

Today is Ava's 7th birthday!! I can't believe our baby girl is 7!! The time has flown by, I love having a little girl!! I was so happy when I found out I was having a girl, she has definitely made our family complete! It has been so fun watching her grow up, she is kind, sweet and so funny!

She makes us laugh every day! Right now her favorite thing is picking out her outfits for school, she loves dressing up, her favorite thing to wear is "clompy shoes", they are dress shoes that have a little heel that clomps when she walks.

Tonight, she went out to dinner with her Grandma Jan and Brock because I have to work, so tomorrow night Graig, Brock and I are going out to eat and Sunday is her birthday party! So this weekend will be a birthday extravaganza for Ava.

The birthday girl ready for school!

I got this birthday sign at Hobby Lobby, Ava was so excited when she saw it this morning!

The cupcakes that we brought in today for Ava's class

Opening her birthday presents from Grandma Rose

Grandma Rose got Ava an American Girl outfit, so Ava put her doll in it and took a picture. How cute!


Jill said...

What a fun birthday! Happy Birthday, Ava!

Beth said...

awwww... Happy Birthday to Ava! I remember when she was born! Have a good weekend!

Michelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVA! That is so cute that Ava is picking out her own clothes--so stylish!

Lisa said...

You're children are beautiful. I found your blog not too long ago and enjoy reading it. I wish I could turn back time and relive those younger birthdays. I miss them!!