Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

This afternoon I decided to do some spring decorating! Yesterday I woke up with the worst sore throat of my life, I called in sick to work and I went to the doctor's and I had strep throat!! It was awful, I laid around in bed all day and didn't do anything but sleep and watch TV. Brock was sick with it on Mon/Tues, so I must have gotten it from him.

This morning when I woke up I felt so much better!! It's a good thing because we were super busy today. This morning, Ava had her last gymnastics meet of the season, she got 1st place in all of her events! She was so happy and I am so glad that she ended her year doing so well! She will still have practice every week until the end of the school year but her meets are over until September. After her gymnastics meet Ava went to spend the night with Grandma Jan.

Brock had soccer practice this morning and then this afternoon he had a few friends over. Tonight we went out to Applebees and then we dropped the boys off at the skating rink for a few hours, this was the first time they were there alone. They are getting so big!! Here is a picture of them tonight after their Roller Skating adventure

Tonight since both kids were gone I thought I would get out some of our spring decorations. I love getting out our spring decorations, it means that Easter, longer days, walks in the sun, Little League, cookouts and planting flowers outside are on the way.

I love this egg wreath that I got a few years ago, I hung it by our back door.

Our little bunny by the back door

A plant in our dining room with a bunny from Pier One

I got this chick last weekend at Cracker Barrel

A chick plate I got at Cracker Barrel. I think this one is so cute for spring!

An egg cup, just waiting for a colored egg!

I got this egg tree at Pier One this year.

I have more decorations in our living room and sun room and I will show those next week. I have to get to bed, Ava's birthday party is tomorrow!


Angie said...

Don't you just love decorating for Spring? You have some cute stuff! The planter chair I posted about on Sat. is an old chair I painted and had my husband cut a hole in it for the pot. I love how it turned out and I want to make some more.