Sunday, March 1, 2009

First Sign of Spring!

Today the Dairy Queen opened after being closed from the winter! When it opens we know spring is just around the corner! Ava was so excited! She loves Dairy Queen, her favorite ice cream is chocolate and vanilla twist in cone.

Yesterday was Ava's gymnastics meet it was called the Teddy Bear Classic isn't that cute? All of the gymnasts got a teddy bear with a medal around it's neck. Ava was so much more relaxed this time and she remembered all of her routines, Ava got first in her division in floor and vault(there were only two girls in her division, so don't think she's headed for the Olympics-ha) She also wore in new uniform for the first time. She loves that uniform and wants to wear it all the time!

Ava with her friend Mary (not sure why the picture is like this)

Silly girls!

The Sparklers!


Jill said...

Gotta love DQ!

The Mrs. said...

Loooooove DQ! But love Ava in her gymnastics duds and with her cute girlfriends even more!!!